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    Dear zattzaty 97 (zxty), thank you for writing in to us.
    If you are covered under HealthMetrics as your medical benefits provider registered by your corporate company then you are entitled for cashless benefit when you visit our panel clinics for treatment, subject to terms and conditions set by the corporate company.
    Just mention that you are covered under HealthMetrics and provide your IC number upon registering at the clinic and you're good to go.
    Hope the above clarifies :)
    Thank you

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  • nisha.nasyuha

    Can I ask something.. If I get treatment from panel for the 1st time using Health Metric..but at the same time.. system was broke down and I need to pay for my medical treatment using my own money.. What should I do? Our Panel say, I can claim it from company.. but when I ask about claim.. not respond about it..

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